William Britton.

Project Healthcare - New York, NY

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

In our current day, millions of people are uninsured due to lack of resources or quality health care accessibility. Underrepresented populations disproportionately fall into this category, and many people struggling with physical and mental illnesses are living on the streets begging for money, incarcerated in prisons, or barely supporting families in sub-par living arrangements. These populations have a fundamental right to quality healthcare. Therefore, healthcare systems should be responsible for addressing this inequity in an effort to uphold human rights, to support human dignity of all people, and to promote sustainable development. Bellevue hospital is but one example of an institution that upholds this responsibility by providing underrepresented New Yorkers with quality healthcare services. I am inspired by this hospital’s continuous commitment to providing health services to underrepresented citizens. I myself hope to pursue a career in medicine dedicated to serving these very populations. Therefore, I am applying to receive funding to partake in Project Healthcare, an unpaid internship at Bellevue Hospital. This program gives students an unapologetic and candid exposure to healthcare inequities in our country, a valuable experience for anyone seriously considering a future career in medicine like myself.

As an undergraduate, I understand the limitations of working in a hospital. I do not have the training to treat patients. However, my role at Bellevue would primarily be to learn and to help with what I can. In this program I will shadow doctors across multiple realms of medicine, thereby specifying my own interests in medicine before I even attend medical school. In addition I will volunteer my time in the ER, attend seminars on current issues in medicine, and research a topic for a health fair. Through these experiences I will ultimately gain a more well rounded understanding of medicine and develop myself as a future healthcare professional.

Not only will Project Healthcare help me develop my interest in medicine, but it will adequately prepare me to be an advocate for disadvantaged people who have systematically been deprived of their right to quality healthcare. I am committed to my education, I have a strong passion rooted in years of reading and research, and I want to prepare myself for a career in medicine that works with marginalized populations. Before going into such a field, it is of utmost importance to me to more comprehensively understand culturally competent practices so that in the future I can work to address the inadequacies in our medical system. Working in the diverse environment at Bellevue hospital, I will layer real world experience on top of my intensive textual learning–bolstering my understanding of the subject in the hospital setting. In doing so, I will be one step closer to my future goal of becoming a culturally competent medical professional and advocate for those less fortunate than myself.

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  • Date October 18, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Healthcare, Junior, Preston, USA

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