Theo Richards.

Southwark Brewing Company - London, UK

Project Description

Robert S. Goodfriend Summer Internship Fund Recipient

Exactly one year ago I travelled around to every brewery in Brooklyn with the hopes of talking my way into a brewing internship of any kind for the coming summer. I was turned away by all of them. They either did not want an intern or entertained the possibility until I reluctantly mentioned I was only 19, in which case my chances were quickly dashed. Whereas most other teens found it simply an obstacle when getting beer for a party, the legal drinking age actually inhibited my prospective career path. I was crushed, and while all my friends landed their dream internships, I bussed tables at a local cafe. If I was going to find work at a brewery I needed to start thinking outside the box.

That’s when I contacted some breweries in my dad’s home city of London —specifically Southwark Brewing Company, whose beer I had tried and loved while visiting my family in England. Not only was the American drinking age no longer an issue, but Southwark Brewing Company had hosted an American intern before and were eager to replicate the program with me.

I knew instantly that Southwark would be the perfect place for me to explore every aspect of all my vastly different interests. I would be able to work cooperatively alongside professional brewers, developing my understanding of beer and the brewing process, while also applying my economics classwork to a real life scenario by helping analyze earnings reports and developing promotional strategies in a competitive market. Though I would only be classified as an intern I would have the responsibilities of a full time employee; my work at Southwark could have noticeable effects in the trendy and dynamic craft brewing scene.

Most exciting of all, my summer at Southwark could provide me with tangible evidence of my potential growth as an aspiring brewer. When talking with Southwark Brewing Company’s owner, Peter Jackson, we discussed how my work at Southwark could culminate with designing and helping produce a seasonal summer beer. Coupling my prior experience garnered from home brewing and brewing classes with the guiding expertise of head brewer Stuart Brown, I would create a commercially distributed craft beer, demonstrating my ability to future employers with something palpable (and hopefully tasty)!

Southwark Brewing Company has offered me an amazing opportunity to fulfill my dream of working in a brewery and developing a better understanding of both the brewing and marketing sides of the craft beer industry. Not only would I be working in a commercial brewery, but I would also be able to show future employers that I gained brewing experience before age 21, demonstrating my commitment and resolve to developing my brewing abilities despite practical limitations. Interning at Southwark is my first step towards a successful career in micro- brewing.

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  • Date October 18, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Business, Europe, Goodfriend, Marketing, Sophomore

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