Tenzin Tsagong.

Tibetan Women’s Association - Dharamsala, India

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

“My summer made me more interested in studying ethnic and intrastate conflicts, and I aspire to maybe one day return to Dharamsala.”

I loved that my projects in Tibetan Women’s Association (TWA) combined both my social and political interests. As to the social component of the internship, I got to teach nine Tibetan women in two separate classes English, and basic computer and math skills. I had a lot of freedom in designing the curriculum and really enjoyed the time I spent with my students. As to the political side of my work, I did research on the Tibetan government-in exile’s Middle Way Policy, and its development over the years and the large support for this policy, and the sizable scale of opposition toward it.

One of my accomplishments was connecting with my students and seeing the improvement they made over the time that I taught them. One obstacle that I faced was in keeping them continually engaged and motivated. But those challenges definitely paid off when in lessons, I could just see the excitement and quiet smiles in some of my student’s faces when they were able to comprehend the subject matter.


Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2013
  • Tags 2013, Asia, Education, First Year, Government, Preston, Social Service
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