Stephen Kelly.

BRAC Bank - Dhaka, Bangledesh

Project Description

Anwarul Quadir Fellowship Recipient

“I faced the reality of a developing country with infrastructural situations far different from my homeland. My most valuable lessons involved the evaluations I made of the bank’s workplace culture as I navigated it personally.”

Challenges arose when I learned midway through my project that company policies prohibited me from surveying staff. Although I had already surveyed staff at three branches, the Human Resources division defended its exclusive privilege to gauge staff contentment. The staff surveys that I did distribute revealed that almost every staff member believed they were not paid enough. Now, I had seen illiteracy in action and gained greater awareness of how much reading had shaped my psyche. , I witnessed the specific ways in which a foreign culture operated in a corporate context. This fellowship vastly expanded my knowledge of another country while also clarifying some of my most important values around responsibility and leadership.

Project Details

  • Date September 24, 2015
  • Tags 2015, Anwarul Quadir, Asia, Finance, Social Service

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