Senay Yibrah.

Year Up - Boston, MA

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

I am currently interested in learning about productive strategies to combat inequalities faced by young people in an urban setting. I believe working for a nonprofit will strengthen my understanding of the organizational component of social justice work. Year Up is a great platform for me to engage in this learning experience. Since I am a former urban student, I can directly connect to socioeconomic struggles that young people face. Through this connection, I am familiar with the options that were awarded to me, and can aid students in Year up that are navigating their pursuit of higher learning. I am excited to be involved in several departments within Year up, including but not limited to Student Services, Marketing, and Recruitment/Admissions.

Within Student Services, I will be calling on my own experience to help meet students’ need for support. Teaching at Breakthrough Collaborative greatly developed my ability to respond to the needs of the young people I work with. I am excited to put these tools into greater use. In addition, I would be an asset to the Student Services team in their pursuit of expanding Year Up’s network in communities with prospective and enrolled students. As an extroverted English major, I am constantly searching for ways to practice my developing skills of clear self-expression.

Marketing is exciting to me because I see the opportunity to directly apply the writing and communicating skills I have refined at my liberal arts college. As a member of the Marketing team, I could utilize my writing skills to highlight the deficiencies in America’s youth. I would be excited to work alongside Year Up marketing staff that help to illuminate major inequalities in opportunity for both students of color and of low-income communities. Along this line, I would be excited to help theorize about the most impactful ways to communicate the reality of the opportunity gap in low-income neighborhoods. Within these meetings, I would play two major roles. First, my perspective as college student, only two years out of Prospect Hill Academy (my high-school) would be an important presence in the room, as our mission revolves around young adults from low-income neighborhoods. Second, as an observer, I would be absorbing the strategies discussed, and taking notes for all those involved.

The information I would learn from my involvement with marketing would directly apply to my work in recruitment. I would work to translate some of Year Up’s complex goals and mission statements into a clear and engaging style for prospective students. I would use social media as a platform to advertise descriptions that would appeal to potential students of Year Up. Additionally, contributing to the design of posters would be my other creative platform to connect prospective students with Year Up. Once connected, I will be involved in communicating the goals of Year up to potential applicants of the program. This will take the form of leading information sessions, and organizing call scripts for those that call in for more information.

Project Details

  • Date October 18, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Education, Preston, Sophomore, USA

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