Scott Mitchell.

Stand With Me - White River Junction, VT

Project Description

Thomas A. McKinley ’06 and Hannah Weil McKinley Summer Fellowship Recipient

“The most meaningful part of the project for me was realizing that I didn’t have to wait till after college to make a significant impact in my own life and the lives of others.”

The goal of Stand With Me is to develop, produce and distribute affordable, therapeutic home-care devices for children and adults around the world, while being a Christian ministry to our volunteers, patients and sponsors. We are currently working on understanding how to best pursue this mission with our first device: the pediatric stander. Once we are able to succeed with this first product we will rapidly move to develop other needed devices for international use.

As the founder of the organization I served as the executive director. It was my goal to ensure that Stand With Me got its feet underneath it this summer and that all employees and volunteers were used efficiently to maximize our potential for future and current impact. There’s a very large learning curve as you can imagine with starting a business that is a nonprofit. I had my hands in not only the design process but also the patenting process and all the legal ramifications that come along with that. In addition I also had to become adept in talking with large organizations and making personal connections such that they would be willing to work with organization. I also learned a lot about fundraising. I would say one of the most significant roles and something that I had to learn quickly was managing people. I quickly learned that being the “boss” isn’t easy and that it really helps if you can get people personally motivated about the project.


Project Details

  • Date September 28, 2014
  • Tags 2014, Business, Healthcare, Junior, McKinley, Science, Social Service, USA
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