Sawyer Billings.

RedLine Gear - Danvers, MA

Project Description

Robert S. Goodfriend Summer Internship Fund Recipient

“Since my sophomore year of high school, I have found a passion for fitness unparalleled by any other interest in my life.” Organized and competitive fitness programs like Crossfit were an important part of Sawyer’s own personal growth. When the opportunity arose to participate in Crossfit not as an athlete, but as a member of an agency, Sawyer took it. He interned with RedLine Gear, a company that produces Crossfit athletic apparel and sponsors competitive Crossfit athletes.

Sawyer worked daily with athletes represented by RedLine, training, participating in conferences with sponsors, and meeting with nutrition and fitness specialists. “We were always on the job and I had to be ready at any moment to field calls for my boss, run out to get things for an athlete, pick up athletes at the airport,” or complete other tasks.

“My plan for the future is to remain in the Crossfit industry—working for my own company while simultaneously coaching and assisting Matt’s athletes.” Drawing on his Computer Science education and his own interests, Sawyer has already founded WodCash, a web startup allowing the Crossfit community to compare workouts and compete digitally; without the contacts he has made at RedLine, “my company wouldn’t be where it is today….I believe I have bridged the gap between my passion for fitness and my academic work and found a harmony between these two very different interests.”

Project Details

  • Date July 19, 2016
  • Tags 2016, Business, Goodfriend, Sophomore, USA

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