Satya Kent.

Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation - Twisp, WA

Project Description

Strong/Gault Social Advancement Internship Grant Recipient

Satya grew up in the mountains of Washington, surrounded by wildlife. “Then, in 2014, the Carlton Complex Fire ravaged eastern Washington, transforming 200,000 acres of dense forest into a lunar landscape….I had experienced anthropogenic devastation firsthand—it was no longer a frightening concept, but a tangible fact, measured in dead cattle and torched houses.” Since then, Satya has been committed to exploring environmental conservation through many lenses, from field biology to environmental education. She explored yet another perspective through an internship with the Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation’s Beaver Project, a long-term beaver habitat restoration and community education project.

Satya conducted fieldwork, setting and checking traps for beavers, logging data, and releasing beavers to repopulation sites. However, after spraining her ankle in the field, Satya transitioned to office tasks, including the creation of a GIS map of successful beaver establishments and the coordination of a community education event. “I brought Strider, an adult male beaver, to the Twisp library and talked to the sixty children and adults in attendance….It was a challenging yet rewarding experience, and I’m grateful that I got more exposure to environmental education.” Although “not as thrilling as fieldwork,” these tasks taught Satya the basics of GIS techniques and strengthened her “project planning and execution skills.”

Satya’s time at the Methow Beaver Project “reinforced my desire to delve deeper into the natural sciences,” both by assisting with research in future summers and by pursuing a future career with broader implications for the world. “I have learned the value of pursuing not just a career, but a vocation, which, in the words of Frederick Buechner, is ‘the kind of work you need to do, and [the] work that the world most needs to have done.’”

Project Details

  • Date July 19, 2016
  • Tags 2016, First Year, Science, Strong/Gault, USA

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