Sarah Austin.

Project Description

Visit Portland

Since I was young, I’ve had a passion and interest in creativity which has led me to pursue my skills in painting, photography, writing, and more. These interests and my broader interest in the arts and communications field led me to apply and receive a graphic design internship with Visit Portland. Visit Portland is a non-profit organization that works to stimulate the economic development in the greater Portland area by promoting Maine’s tourism. As someone also interested in non-profits, I am drawn to Visit Portland and its membership-driven, collaborative approach to serving visitors. I am exceedingly passionate about the state and the Greater-Portland area and hope that as a graphic design intern, I can develop and utilize my creative talent in writing and artistic design, as well as develop my communication skills in meaningful ways so that I am better prepared to enter this field after graduation.

As a graphic design intern, I will work on the content of Visit Portland’s magazine and online website, writing short pieces about different events going on in the Portland area. During high school, I was senior editor of our literary magazine. I learned how to effectively review others’ work, but also how to improve and revise my own writing. Since then, I have been able to successfully work through any writing task and have significantly improved at communicating a message through writing. Being more of a creative writer, I am excited about the opportunity to write innovatively about Portland, a location that I grew up in and love. This internship is a great opportunity for me to cultivate my skills in promotional writing while impacting the greater Portland area.

As an avid artist, I have taken a broad range of art classes over the years, growing from a mediocre drawing student to an oil painter in my high school’s AP Studio Art. As an AP art student, I strengthened and expanded my artistic style, learning what it means to portray and evoke emotions through different mediums. As a graphic design intern, I can bring a creative perspective to the table and incorporate my knowledge of art as a form of advertisement to attract visitors to Portland. In addition, my experience with digital photography has allowed me to explore other mediums of creativity. Having taken classes at Maine Media Photography Workshops, I have learned both how to edit using online software and how to create meaningful, thought-provoking photographs. In an increasingly technologically-based society, it is important to understand how to use this medium to get across a message to a large group of people. One big part of Visit Portland’s graphic design internship is working with online photography software. Prior to the summer, I will be working with many editing platforms so that when I begin interning, I will have a broader knowledge of these applications. Knowing how to work with these software is a skill that I believe is crucial to any career path that I would like to pursue in communications, and I am excited about the opportunity to advance my skills. Having participated in various forms of social media and grown up with the world-wide-web one click away, I am familiar with technology as a form of advertising, communication, and knowledge and it is something that I would like to pursue as a possible career path.

Project Details

  • Date December 5, 2018
  • Tags Arts, Communications
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