Ryan Keefe.

Brigham and Women's Hospital - Chestnut Hill, MA

Project Description

Annual Fund for Career Readiness/Mark E. Patterson ’97 Internship Fund Recipient

This summer I had a wonderful experience working in the pain management center at Brigham and Women’s where they are carrying out phase II and III clinical trials for opiate alternatives. This internship far exceeded my expectations. I had originally hoped to learn more about the clinical process of large scale drug trials, instead I was exposed to the multi-faceted world of being a research coordinator. I was assigned a research coordinator as my mentor who helped me with any questions I might have about my work, or medical school, or medicine in general.

I set out on this internship with the hope of gaining more patient exposure. Not only was I able to gain patient exposure through shadowing research coordinators in their day to day activities, I also gained an appreciation for the type of work that research coordinators do and how they act as intermediaries between patients and doctors who are involved in studies. This internship really helped give me a sense of direction as to what I can do after college and before medical school.

I was also very much involved in a retrospective study which involved me combing through medical records and extracting information to be analyzed by one of the doctors in the pain management center. This project definitely presented the biggest difficulty to me because it forced me to do a bit of detective work and think like a doctor and a patient in order to find out where certain bits of information might be kept.

Overall this internship has definitely reaffirmed my interest in medical school and helped me realize how team-oriented medicine and clinical trials are. I am very excited to see where I will find myself after Bowdoin and before medical school now that I have been exposed to the interesting world of clinical trials.

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  • Date October 18, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Annual Fund for Career Readiness, Healthcare, Junior, USA

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