Rebkah Tesfamariam.

Project Healthcare - New York, NY

Project Description

Strong/Gault Social Advancement Internship Grant Recipient

Rebkah sees a future career in healthcare not only as an opportunity to apply her academic interests in biochemistry and anatomy, but also as a means of giving back to communities like her own. “I aspire to work in free clinics for those who are unable to pay for the high costs of medical bills. My parents were fortunate to benefit from such generous offerings as first generation immigrants from Ethiopia and Eritrea, and I hope to repay the favor for others in their time of need.” She broadened her prior laboratory research experience into clinical practice through an internship in Bellevue Hospital’s Project Healthcare, a volunteer program for students.

Rebkah completed rotations throughout Bellevue, particularly in the emergency department. She developed close relationships with patients, gaining their trust and learning about their experiences before and during their time in at Bellevue. “I will hold those memories close to my heart to always consider the personal stories and background brought into the medical field, and how I can use my personal knowledge, morals, and goals to tackle every issue possible.” She also participated in weekly meetings with her intern cohort, which taught her what to expect of a career in medicine. “There were endless opportunities to learn from my fellow volunteers—their personal journey in the medical field; their passions, goals, and experiences.”

Rebkah’s time at Bellevue strengthened her commitment to pursuing a career in healthcare. Prior to her internship, “I [had] started to question if I could handle what it takes to be a physician, knowing myself and my personal obstacles….However, my summer at Bellevue quelled my doubts and infinitely reaffirmed my passion to continue a career in medicine.”

Project Details

  • Date July 19, 2016
  • Tags 2016, Healthcare, Sophomore, Strong/Gault, USA

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