Raisa Tolchinsky.

Jill Grinberg Literary Management - Brooklyn, NY

Project Description

Robert S. Goodfriend Summer Internship Fund Recipient

“I can say honestly this grant has given me the best summer of my life.”

I find myself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of important moments I’ve witnessed this summer. I could tell you about my first morning alone in New York City, staring up at the sky scrapers, feeling like I was a character in a cliche movie- was I just another Midwestern Girl Who Moves to The Big City? I was overwhelmed. I was exhilarated. The people and cars and bicycles moved around me with such power, such chaos. It was all I could do to just stand and watch.

I could tell you about the ftrst day of my internship at Jill Grinberg Literary Agency- waking to a summer thunderstorm and sprinting through sheets of rain to the train station, arriving soaked and smiling. The first things I saw when I walked in the door were bookcases, stretching towards the ceiling. I was nervous, but because my main job was reading unsolicited manuscripts, I felt comfort- no matter where I’ve traveled or how alone I’ve felt, I’ve always been able to come back to books and feel a simple

Or I could tell you about walking into a room full of interns from publishing houses and literary agencies all over the city at an AAR panel. During a discussion with editors from Knopf, Pantheon, Vintage, and Anchor, surrounded by hundreds of strangers (most of them out of college), I raised my hand and asked a question. It seems like a small moment, but it was representative of so much of my experience in New York, speaking up even when it is so easy to be anonymous and intimidated. I walked out of the panel smiling, into the busy and always glittering Times Square.

I can say honestly this grant has given me the best summer of my life. It was during these moments
that I learned something about myself and how I come into contact with the world. This grant offered me much more than an internship. It allowed me to learn how to be completely by myself, and left me feeling in awe of my ability to be alone and happy in a crowded and bustling city. It gave me time to write a 20-page story and 7 poems and read constantly (fifteen books on top of 800 pages a day of unsolicited manuscripts).


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  • Date October 5, 2014
  • Tags 2014, Communications, First Year, Goodfriend, USA

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