Quenten Riley Bubb.

Ignite Your Faith Ministry - Clercine, Haiti

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

Ever since his first volunteer trip to Haiti as an eighth grader, Riley has been committed to international service and volunteerism. He has given informational presentations and organized fundraisers and service trips; however, he “want[ed] to take what I have learned from my past experiences with Haiti, along with what I am learning at Bowdoin, to the next level” as part of a full-fledged organization. He became a Development Intern at the Ignite Your Faith Ministry (IYF), a faith-based development initiative operating in Haiti.

“While working in Haiti, I was exposed to, and involved in, every aspect of working with a nonprofit organization.” Riley helped staff to evaluate preexisting community programs and worked directly with other Haitian and American organizations to create new projects. Riley helped create pilot programs including “English classes for adults, matching teenage boys with sponsorships to attend school, and two recycling collection programs. I am especially proud of these programs because they were tailored to the interests expressed by locals.”

The scale of these programs posed an organizational challenge for Riley: from identifying and interviewing participants to contacting community partners to finding sources for funding, he had to manage several responsibilities at once. However, “these [difficult] situations led to decision and actions on my part as a leader that I would not have made confidently before this summer.” Riley’s experiences fostered his personal growth and his career path: “My internship with IYF Ministry not only concretized my decision to pursue a career in international development, but also helped me find a specific [sub]field…in which I would like to work: Project Management.”

Project Details

  • Date July 19, 2016
  • Tags 2016, Caribbean, Preston, Social Service, Sophomore

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