Miles Brautigam.

SPACE Gallery - Portland, ME

Project Description

Delta Sigma Arts Fellowship Recipient

I have not been in a band since 8th grade, but what a band we were. The crowning achievement was headlining our middle school’s graduation ceremony, where I hammered power chords on a Fender Stratocaster and belted Green Day lyrics in a prepubescent warble. Sadly, our paths diverged toward different high schools and we were forced to disband. I would never forget, however, the thrill of expressing myself creatively. Although my career as a rockstar effectively ended when I was 14, I have ever since maintained an avid involvement in visual and performing arts.

At The Putney School, I allotted time in my schedule every semester to spend in one studio or another. I made efforts to take advantage of as vast a range of artistic pursuits as I could. My aim to strengthen my creative side steered me from figure drawing to ceramics to sculpture to photography, and even to a lead role in a Shakespearean tragedy my senior year. Through my participation in the the arts, I have been able to supplement academic pursuits with a complimentary way of seeing the world. I am always fascinated to study how artistic and musical movements have corresponded throughout history with political and literary thought.

During my adolescence, I began to develop a sense of personal taste in visual media, theatre, and music. I have evolved from the days Green Day fandom, but I have not forgotten the positive energy I felt on stage with my middle school bandmates. As I continued to learn more about the history and cultural significance of music and art, I realized that the feeling of camaraderie over shared enjoyment of a live band, painting, or play is inimitable. I want work where I can expose people to such an experience.

Nothing brings people together quite like delighting in live music. I’ve been intrigued to witness this phenomenon everywhere from American dance festivals to contemporary Malian songwriting communities. This belief inspired me to apply for (and land) a management position with WBOR, Bowdoin’s radio station. Trying to operate within the overlap of the art- appreciating community and the larger social scene, our mission has been to host party-worthy shows that also showcase a diverse range of creative talent. Even within the microcosm of a college campus, live music can serve was a a cultural unifier.

Before I was a Bowdoin student, I was lucky enough to engage in a couple of internships in the professional creative field. In doing so, I have learned that innovative, imaginative and inventive expression of material can be an invaluable educational tool. Millions of viewers have been taught about myriad historical events through the films Ken Burns has made. As an intern at his company, Florentine Films, I was granted a behind-the-scenes view at the research and professionalism that makes these projects possible. The intersection of art and academia enthralled me. My second internship was for an entrepreneurial ceramic artist, Natalie Blake, who taught me about building and sustaining a business in the art world. She was generous enough to allow to pursue my own work in her studio, and participate in the full production process. She gave me a ground-up vision of an occupation in professional artistry.

I hope to build from my experience as a creator and appreciator of art, a live music event planner, and a past intern in the art world in pursuing the opportunity that has been offered to me at Space Gallery. A non-profit community-minded gallery and event venue is my ideal next step.

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  • Date October 18, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Arts, Delta Sigma Arts, Sophomore, USA

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