Michael Barish & Mark Oppenheim.

Prescriptions for Peace - Peru

Project Description

Davis Projects for Peace Summer Fellowship Recipient

The goal of this project was to establish a source of affordable medication that could also be sustained and developed in an area where many individuals lack a practical access to basic healthcare. Our partner, Mario Diaz Ugarte, and his organization, Helping Hands Cusco, made significant contributions. Mr. Ugarte provided us with a building for our pharmacy as well as funds for the process of refurbishment. Recently partnering with the Omprakash foundation, our project is now in a prime position to receive tax-free donations and additional volunteers.

During our stay, we were able to provide medication and health products to well over fifty families. In order for the project to have a home, we remodeled a rundown building into a suitable workspace that eventually became our pharmacy.

Later, we worked with medical professionals in Peru, as well as in the United States, to purchase a significant supply of high quality medication at a reasonable price. Through our volunteer work in local clinics and hospitals, we were able to network with doctors and gain support in the local healthcare community. Near the end of our stay, one doctor from the Antonio Lorena Regional Hospital traveled out to our pharmacy in order to offer free medical consultations to local individuals. Our project now works with its patrons to provide our services at an affordable price 7 days a week. The Farmacia Amistad remains committed to providing low-cost medication and free medical consultations to the people of the San Sebastian district while raising general healthcare awareness.

Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2010
  • Tags 2010, Davis Projects for Peace, Healthcare, Social Service, South America

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