Max Vogel-Friedman.

Mayor's Office - New York, NY

Project Description

Strong/Gault Social Advancement Internship Grant Recipient

“In the past, I have worked for a Hartford[, CT]-based Congressman who has made it his mission to help fight institutional racism.” Max’s academic and personal experiences at Bowdoin have further taught him the importance of governmental institutions as a force for social change. In order to gain a hands-on understanding of the local legislative process, Max interned in the Legislative Affairs office for Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City.

Max participated in meetings and briefings within the department, in which “I had to learn how to ask effective questions…so that I could truly understand all sides of an issue” under discussion in a bill. In the office, Max also read and drafted summaries of bills. He learned the importance of “maintaining attention to detail,” determining the key points of each bill, and crafting clear, concise, and efficient writing.

“It was challenging to meet a new group of people and have them trust in your abilities from the start. However, by the end of the summer, I felt like the staff I worked with on a daily basis trusted me to get important work done.” This internship strengthened Max’s ability to work as part of a team, and “although I’m not sure I want to go into government when I graduate, it was important to…experience a real working environment and see how a large bureaucracy like New York City [is] run.”

Project Details

  • Date July 19, 2016
  • Tags 2016, Government, Sophomore, Strong/Gault, USA

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