Matt Leventhal.

SOCR University of Michigan

Project Description

Bowdoin College Alumni Council Internship Fund Recipient

“I aim to use and hone my newly developed computational skills such that I can apply them in a more biologically-focused environment.”

While there still remains work to be done on improving the breadth of the types of MRI files that can be represented by our web application, we have succeeded in developing an efficient application that models brain signaling on brain fibers based on MRI tractography files. Furthermore, I am the primary author on a paper of our research that we intend to submit for publication in a scientific journal. My internship has helped me build a lasting work relationship with my lab; not only am I continuing research remotely in the weeks since I have left Ann Arbor, but also I have left an impression on my advising professor such that he would be interested in working with more students from Bowdoin who are interested in computational research.

Project Details

  • Date September 22, 2015
  • Tags 2015, Alumni Council, Communications, Junior, Technology

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