Mark Hansen.

Museum of History and Art - Anchorage, AK

Project Description

Delta Sigma Arts Fellowship Recipient

“Working in the Museum this summer was an invaluable experience and has strengthened my interest in the art fields.”

Interning at the Anchorage Museum ended up being much more exciting and engaging than I had thought it would be. I worked in a variety of departments, learning how to handle art, safely store it (with the understanding that it might not be touched again for decades!), and mount it for display. I learned a lot about the archival process and how this museum adds to its collection and decides on exhibit work. I helped plan a small exhibition on footwear and sat in on the meetings with the designer who had been hired to actually design the exhibit. For that exhibit, I worked with Caroline to first compile images drawn from the archives and objects from the collections to serve as a pool from which we then decided on final objects and photographs. From there, we weeded out the ones that wouldn’t fit or overlapped and then discusses how they might be arranged in the exhibit space. For this latter part, the Museum hired a designer and it was quite interesting to work with her and figure out how to keep parts of her design (some of which were totally impractical), how to make sure the objects were displayed appropriately and safely, and how to keep all of it within the budget allocated.

One of the major assignments I worked on, and something I didn’t expect to spend so much time on, was to help fabricate two dioramas for the Dena’inaq’ Huch’ulyeshi exhibit. I worked with Rebecca Brubaker, a local artist who has experience ranging from stone carving to set construction, on making a life-size scene of a contemporary fish camp 46 feet long and 20 feet or so at it’s widest point and a scene of a Dena’ina hunter harpooning a beluga whale, a scene that was 18 feet by 22 feet.

Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2013
  • Tags 2013, Arts, Delta Sigma Arts, Junior, USA
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