Mariya Ilyas.

Words for Peace - Pakistan

Project Description

Davis Projects for Peace Summer Fellowship Recipient

“The ability to share and communicate ideas is an essential part of contributing to peace.”

The goals of my project were to teach journalism to upper class (grades 8-12) students at Al-Imtiaz Academy (AIA) in Pakistan and allow them to practice it by producing their very first school newspaper. Through conversations with school principals, I learned that there was a strong desire for a student publication. This, paired with my own interest in journalism convinced me to return to AIA and start a sustainable journalism program and a student newspaper.

Before arriving to Pakistan in June, I prepared a full curriculum for a comprehensive journalism course. Lessons ranged from the basic definition of journalism to the role that a free press plays in a democratic society. They learned to write various types of articles, determine credibility of sources and verify facts.

In the second half of the program, students got the opportunity to report, interview and write articles about issues of interest to them and their community. The boys and girls had their own news staff which allowed more students to take on editorial roles. On August 10, students published The Imitiazian, AIA’s first student 16-page newspaper.

Journalism holds the power to influence with words. The ability to share and communicate ideas is an essential part of contributing to peace. By teaching students about journalism and the functioning of a free press and giving them an opportunity to create their own newspaper, I have conveyed to them the importance and power of words.

Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2011
  • Tags 2011, Asia, Communications, Davis Projects for Peace, Education, Social Service

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