Mariah Reading.

UMaine Museum of Art - Bangor, ME

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

“As someone who is from Maine,┬áthis experience made me realize how important art is for younger students to have as an outlet for expression. It also made me realize how passionate I am about sharing the arts with people and got me thinking about being an art teacher.”

Throughout my internship I learned about the process of teaching: what works best and how to get the message across to younger children. I made a point to incorporate the principles and elements of design into my teaching. We would go over all of the terms at the beginning of the week and with each project I would ask them questions about what techniques they were applying to reinforce what they had learned. But as much as I wanted the campers to learn about art, I also wanted them to learn about themselves. That is why art camps were my favorite part of the summer. Seeing campers excited at the result of his or her dream catcher, or anxious to move on to the next project and create more is one of my favorite feelings.

Each week being a new age group shifted the flow of the camps, but also within each age group there was a lot of variation. Some were gifted artists from the start and did not require much direction and others were just beginning and needed to be taken through the projects step by step. I had to learn how to deal with that variation so that everyone felt included but also challenged and happy.

Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2013
  • Tags 2013, Arts, Education, First Year, Preston, USA
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