Maria Kennedy.

Learning Lab - Garden City, ID

Project Description

Strong/Gault Social Advancement Internship Grant Recipient

“I think learning a language is fun and fascinating but I didn’t think it would also be fascinating to help others learn a new language. It opened my mind into the different types of teaching that exist.”

I successfully completed the tablet pilot project, and presented the staff with a summary paper specifying the details of the project and our conclusions. I worked with Learning Lab students and staff members to learn their preferences and outline a plan to integrate tablet technology more completely in the future. I also wrote a grant to Build-a-Bear’s foundation to obtain eBooks and more tablet educational resources for the preschoolers. I was in charge of finding the electronic contact information for close to 50 authors and then emailing them asking for signed books to auction at Learning Lab’s biggest annual fundraiser. As of when I left we had received two affirmative responses. I also shopped and set up for Learning Lab’s monthly Breakfast at the Lab to recruit new volunteers. Both breakfasts I planned were very successful.

Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2013
  • Tags 2013, Education, First Year, Social Service, Strong/Gault, USA
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