Luke Drabyn.

US Embassy - Rome, Italy

Project Description

Richard B. ’62 and Sabra Ladd Government Internship Recipient

“While I didn’t speak Italian (I left the translation responsibilities to my fellow interns who studied the language in school), I had myriad opportunities to do really important work for high-level diplomats, including Ambassador John Phillips himself.”

I fulfilled all the goals I planned for myself at the beginning of the summer as a Public Affairs Intern for the U.S. Embassy to Italy in Rome. The internship experience abroad was everything I expected and more – with a bunch of surprises thrown in, such as an impromptu visit by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who stopped by the embassy before starting her summer vacation in northern Italy.

There are two projects I was involved in that are particularly memorable. Following the tragic death of a Bates student who was studying abroad in Italy last year, the embassy decided to sponsor a Keep Our Students Safe Campaign. I worked with a fellow Public Affairs intern to compose multiple screenplays for the video that was to be made for it. It was truly rewarding seeing Ambassador Phillips recite lines that I personally put down on paper. At that point I felt that the responsibilities I had been given were both meaningful and tangible.

Project Details

  • Date October 24, 2014
  • Tags 2014, Europe, Government, Junior, Ladd
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