Luca DeAngelis.

American Civil Liberties Union of Maine - Portland, ME

Project Description

Peter Buck Internship Fund Recipient


Growing up I would always be coming up with new answers to the question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’. In elementary school I sometimes wanted to be a fashion designer and other times it was an Olympic skier. For a while in middle school I dreamed of being Secretary of State. Then I was envisioning my life as an ambassador and then a senator. I have always dreamed big. However, I am beginning to refine my career goals. I know that I want to be in a position to enact positive change in the world. However, I still don’t know if I want to do this as a humanitarian lawyer or as a politician (or both!). I have lofty goals so I need to get started exploring career paths, learning from people who inspire me, and building my experiences.

I applied to the ACLU of Maine because it combines many of my career interests. I plan on double majoring in philosophy and government and legal studies with the intention of going to law school. This internship will surround me with inspirational lawyers and advocates. By being in a work environment with these people I will be able to learn more about their work and experiences in ways that can influence my future decisions. This internship will also give me a chance to engage with many of my other career interests like social justice, non-profit, and political work. The ACLU works in realms of social justice and politics that I see myself entering later in life. Interning at the ACLU is a way for me to experience how these various interests play out in a work environment.

I live in rural Maine. For the past four summers I have been a self-employed handyman and have run my own small house-painting business. I have work experience, but not in the career areas I hope to pursue later in life. This internship is the chance for me to make the transition from doing manual labor to doing work that I find truly meaningful. Not only does this internship allow me to explore many of my career interests, it is also a stepping-stone. Through this internship I will be able to make connections and build my resume in ways I have not been able to in the past. I have been impressed by the experiences many of my Bowdoin peers have already had. This is an opportunity for me to get some of the same work experience as my peers who have grown up in Washington D.C. or New York.

I need to start educating my career choices. I have academic interests and work experience, but I still need to find a place where I can bring those two spheres together in a way that is meaningful to me. Gaining experience and connections in my field is also critically important at this time in my life. This internship allows me to explore my career interests while also creating opportunities for my future. With my career interests, this really is one of the best options for internships in the state of Maine and I believe this work could be a game-changer. Through this internship at the ACLU of Maine I believe I will come closer to figuring out exactly what my dream is and I will be provided with more opportunities to achieve that dream.

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  • Date October 16, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Buck, First Year, Law, USA

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