Linna Gao.

Children's Hospital - Boston, MA

Project Description

Thomas A. McKinley ’06 and Hannah Weil McKinley Summer Fellowship

“The knowledge I gained from doing market research has given me the opportunity to see how to bridge business and science – making this experience invaluable in the future studies and jobs I will pursue.”

I assisted the research lab at Children’s Hospital and Dr. Watnick in entrepreneurial pursuits including finding investors and doing market research to provide reports that summarize the field, create a competitive landscape for funding, and explain advantages over other therapies. I helped to develop presentations on past and current research to potential investors and venture capitalists to fund the lab’s research progress and the biotech company in developing a novel cancer therapy.

I was also a liaison with the Technology, Innovation and Development Office and Maude Tessier, who is the case manager for Dr. Watnick’s intellectual property at the hospital. I had the opportunity to work with both parties in conducting market research and utilized that information along with data from the Watnick lab for constructing presentations.

Above all, this experience has shown me how immensely rewarding it is to follow a pursuit that is beneficial to society and the human condition. Knowing that I took a part in the fight against cancer through furthering the development of a research discovery that could cure those in need has been indescribably meaningful to me.

Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2012
  • Tags 2012, Healthcare, McKinley, Science, USA

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