Kiraney Loving.

Project Description


My relationship with ArtUp started abruptly, to say the least. As an Economics and Art History double major, I find it extremely fascinating the ways in which the art and finance worlds sometimes blend into one. During my internship search, I found an abundance of internships that pertained exclusively to one of my fields of interest, but none quite like ArtUp, which pertains to both fields while also offering the unique experience of working within an art-based start-up. From the company’s website, I read that the position was at a start-up company that strived to bring equity into the urban commercial art industry through business and finance. Needless to say, I applied. The interview process was extremely insightful, as I got the opportunity to interview with ArtUp’s founder and CEO.

When discussing my role as an intern at ArtUp, I felt that the internship would be an amazing way for me to develop my digital and print marketing skills as well as gain unique insight working for an art-based start-up. I ultimately chose to intern at ArtUp because of its mission statement. Its mission to bring more equity into the commercial art industry is something that greatly resonates with me because I have seen the immense numbers of young minority artists who simply cannot afford to turn their passions into a profitable business because of their lack of privilege. There is so much inequality within the commercial art world, and I strongly believe that start-ups like ArtUp do amazing work when it comes to equalizing the art world, one community at a time. This type of work provides a service to the Common Good, something that Bowdoin strives to have its students believe in.

My position as a Creative Community Development intern will prepare me to achieve my career goals of working in digital marketing and social media for other start-ups or larger companies. The skills surrounding both community development and investment I will cultivate during my summer at ArtUp are translatable into numerous industries and will provide me with a solid foundation to go confidently into any business or finance field. Through my ArtUp internship, I have found a way to both develop the technical skills necessary for professional success as well as dedicate my time to an organization with a mission statement that works to serve the Common Good.

Project Details

  • Date December 5, 2018
  • Tags 2018, Arts, Communications, Marketing
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