Justin Pearson.

Camp Home - Memphis, TN

Project Description

Thomas A. McKinley ’06 and Hannah Weil McKinley Summer Fellowship Recipient

The mission of Camp Hope is to provide a safe learning environment for students in one of the most economically and socially repressed areas of Memphis, TN. The mission of the organization was to provide an opportunity for students in low-income, low education attaining and high crime areas, a safe place to be during the summer. Camp Hope was designed to equip each student participant with the necessary skills to take ownership of their community through service. Camp Hope gave foundational educational skills and built healthier community relationships to strengthen the solidarity of the North Memphis community.

I have developed an interest in law and education policy. Attending a poorer high school in the inner-city and witnessing the effects of policy and law on the daily lives of students motivates me. My drive to become an attorney and a person who helps shape a better world derives from my experiences. Meeting students who thanked me continuously was pleasing, but the program was an opportunity for to me to fix a void that exists for America’s students that also affected me directly. I was the student left behind, forgotten about, and told that my dreams were too big to accomplish. Watching a student whose brother was shot twice the night before he walked into Camp the next day pushed me to learn. I want to learn about the violence and social barriers that students face in an academic way. Camp Hope reinvigorated my desire to learn more about the legal field and different places that I may be of use in helping remedy these disparities.

Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2014
  • Tags 2014, Education, First Year, McKinley, Social Service, USA

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