Justin J. Pearson.

Congressman Steven Cohen - Memphis / DC

Project Description

Jason R. Baron Public Service Fellowship Recipient

“My future involves government. The future of policy and the direction I will be heading in is to create significant changes to the way people and politicians create and view policy.”

Working for Congressman Steve Cohen’s Office in Memphis, TN and Washington, D.C. exposed me to new perspectives in advancing the role of government intervention in citizen’s lives. I took advantage of each opportunity for challenge and growth. I researched co-sponsors, the Bill, its intent & implications for our constituency and documented debate on the House floor. This gave me an opportunity to explore the inner workings of legislation from two unique perspectives: the research and the presentation. I looked forward to delving deeper into the legislation building processes and accepting projects to help me fulfill those tasks. This internship completed all of the above with an important caveat that made an extraordinary difference: they trusted me. I became a member of the team, and valued to do an excellent job to ensure each person’s voice was heard and concern answered.

Project Details

  • Date September 17, 2015
  • Tags 2015, Baron, Government, Junior, Law, USA

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