June Woo.

Arajuno Road Project - Puyo, Ecuador

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

“I want to teach abroad again after obtaining my teaching and TEFL certificates, which will make me better equipped to provide a better quality education to the students in underprivileged communities.”

I arrived in Puyo, Ecuador a few weeks before the end of the Ecuadorian school year. I had previous tutoring experience, but I had not taught in a class before. Within the first few days in Puyo, I began leading parts of the classroom review sessions for the upcoming final exams. For the following two weeks, I continued to co-lead and assist in the classroom, preparing for and evaluating the students’ oral presentations. By the end of the Ecuadorian school year, I had planned and delivered lessons as the primary teacher in the classroom. Through this experience, I learned the importance of providing a couple different activities to reinforce the same concept in order to keep the students engaged and allow them to gain a deeper understanding of the concept. I also found that when the teachers get excited about the activities and involve themselves in the lessons, the students follow suit and appear to enjoy the lesson more – teaching requires a bit of dramatization, at least at the primary level. Furthermore, I realized the importance of gauging the understanding of the students, even by simply asking the students every now and then if they understood the explanation of a concept.

Outside of the classroom, I worked on developing the primary English curriculum for the next school year. In creating the curriculum, I compared the English concepts taught in various textbooks, gathered the common concepts, identified the concepts required to reach specific skill levels, placed the concepts into units, and compared the draft of the curriculum with that of other organizations. Over the course of ten weeks, I was able to create a primary English curriculum for grades 1-7 consisting of four units: Foundations, Our Lives, Our Community, and Our Planet. While the curriculum will need more editing and readjusting as it is put into practice, I am glad that Arajuno Road Project now has a basic foundation to work with for the upcoming school year.

Project Details

  • Date November 1, 2014
  • Tags 2014, Education, Preston, Social Service, Sophomore, South America
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