Juan Carlos Pardo.

Copley Equity Partners - Quincy, MA

Project Description

Robert S. Goodfriend Summer Internship Fund Recipient

JC has enjoyed studying economics and math since high school. However, “no one in my family has been involved in finance; I decided that I need to obtain some first-hand experience in order to gauge whether or not I will want to pursue a career in the field in the future.” He gained that experience at Copley Equity Partners, a private investment firm.

Throughout JC’s time at Copley, “I learned many new skills, including improving my abilities on Excel, my charisma on a call, accounting, and more.” His primary duties included researching potential acquisitions for Copley and cold-calling sourced companies. “At times, calls begin to even seem pointless. Getting no after no is difficult and does take its toll. However, the only way to get through is to call again and again. It was certainly difficult to keep that mindset all summer and a constant challenge, which came with good rewards.”

JC’s work created long-term benefits for Copley: “I left Copley with four long-term monitors, which I hope they pursue in the future” as well as one company that Copley is actively pursuing. Most importantly, the experience helped JC confirm his interest in economics, math, and finance. “This experience has backed my interests in pursuing an interdisciplinary major of Econ/Math. Professionally, I am not sure if private equity will be my choice down the road, but I am very interested in exploring other parts of the world of finance.”

Project Details

  • Date July 19, 2016
  • Tags 2016, Finance, First Year, Goodfriend, USA

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