Jorge Gomez.

Supporting Kids in Peru - Trujillo, Peru

Project Description

Nikuradse-Matthews Summer Public Interest Fellowship Recipient

“The way I behaved and the things I said had a huge impact in the emotional and academic stability of my students. Patience was something that every other teacher they had lacked, and I made it my mission to change that.”

Working with Supporting Kids in Peru (SKIP), the NGO that employed me as a primary school teacher, was a rewarding experience that enriched my involvement as an educator. The group of 4th grade students that I got to teach challenged my capacity to control the classroom, and vigilantly analyzed most of the disciplinary methods I implemented in class every day in order to find a way around them. It was in the fringes of precisely this frigidness that I found 8 adoring kids who needed a lot of love and devotion. It took me a couple of days to grasp the concept of an after school program, such as SKIP, and its function to shelter these kids from the dangers that surround their dwellings by consuming a large part of their day.


Project Details

  • Date September 17, 2015
  • Tags 2015, Education, Nikuradse-Matthews, Social Service

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