Jordan Villars.

Clean Markets LLC - Philadelphia, PA

Project Description

Robert S. Goodfriend Summer Internship Fund Recipient

“I was rarely engaged in tedious office or traditional “intern” activities and was felt that I was given real goals and tasks that helped to assist the company and my coworkers. It is a field I am passionate about and I found that I have I had many ideas and talents that were suited for business that I did not know I had before.

In the internship learning agreement I stated that I wanted to get to understand the business side of environmentalism better, get exposure to business orient thinking and a business work environment, and to begin to learn some of the concepts and thinking that would be required to succeed in business. I also really wanted to see what sort of business opportunities there are in the “green” field. My experiences at Clean Markets helped me to achieve these goals and more. 

Some of the activities and accomplishments I completed for the company included helping to build begin to build there online presence in social media such as twitter and Facebook and keep their website current with topical articles about. 

I was able to get to see and understand how businesses think about environmental problems and got to understand in much greater depth how businesses can effectively market green products to consumers and other businesses, or offset the cost of “going green” and position themselves as environmental leaders going forward.

Project Details

  • Client Philadelphia, PA
  • Date February 5, 2012
  • Tags 2011, Business, Environment, Goodfriend, USA
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