Jordan Smith.

Hudson River Park Trust - New York, NY

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

“I enjoyed being a part of a team that completed several stewardship projects, taught over 70 programs to urban youth and reached out to hundreds of members of the NYC public to better educate them about the Hudson River.”

I became a better educator than I was at the beginning of the summer, and I loved being able to connect with students and share my knowledge about NYC green space. We reached out to thousands of kids in camp groups and hundreds of members of the public. When camp groups would return for a different one of the four lessons we offered, it felt like a great accomplishment to see that they retained the information we taught them the previous time they came to the park and they were actually excited about learning more at this lesson. Another huge accomplishment this summer was engaging with members of the public who use the park on a regular basis and helping them begin to see the river as a estuary providing habitat for much aquatic life rather than the polluted toxic waterway it was in the 70s. It was great to see the shock and excitement on faces when I let people know that seahorses live in the Hudson, or that we catch on average 15 fish a day which helps support evidence that the river is continuing to improve its health and we have played such a large role in its recovery.

Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2013
  • Tags 2013, Environment, Government, Junior, Preston, Social Service, USA
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