Johanna Moody.

Frontier Group - Boston, MA

Project Description

Strong/Gault Social Advancement Internship Grant

“My experience at Frontier Group has not changed my career plans, which remain geared towards a life dedicated to the public interest. The experience did, however, provide me with newfound confidence and passion in my own abilities and my own desire to pursue higher education.”

I expected that I would be given small tasks and lead carefully by a staff member towards completing them. To the contrary, on my first day at Frontier Group, my supervisor handed me a list of possible research projects to which I could devote my time, asked me which option I would prefer, let me know what sort of research questions I should pursue, and then showed me to my desk and allowed me the freedom to work completely independently. The project to which I devoted the majority of my attention was the Highway Boondoggles report, which is a report published annually that highlights several highway projects across that nation that are examples of wasteful and unnecessary government spending.


Project Details

  • Date September 17, 2015
  • Tags 2015, Business, Junior, Strong/Gault, USA

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