Jasmine Mikami.

SeaCare Health Services - Exeter, NH

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

“Before interning at SeaCare Health services, I did not fully comprehend the drastic level of need within my own community. At SeaCare, I was fully exposed to the fear, sadness, and anxiety that the uninsured members of my community struggle with every day.”

Working with the SeaCare staff and its patients has inspired me to become a healthcare professional and close the gap in healthcare disparities. The SeaCare staff emphasized the importance of understanding and empathy when acknowledging the hardships faced by patients.   This understanding is critical in order for Physicians to avoid making contextual errors in patient diagnoses. It is also critical for Physicians to consider the costs and accessibility of medications and laboratory services for patients with financial constraints.

Through shadowing physicians as they served SeaCare patients, I discovered that my passion truly lies in serving the disadvantaged through medicine. The patients living in poverty had a greater need for medical intervention and counseling. The caring and trusting relationships the patients had with their Physicians allowed patients to make the necessary changes in their lives to achieve optimal physical and mental health, happiness, and hope. I plan on becoming a Pediatrician and helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds gain access to the healthcare they deserve.


Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2010
  • Tags 2010, Healthcare, Preston, Social Service, USA

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