James Young.

Harlem Lacrosse - New York, NY

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

I had the privilege to meet the student athletes of Harlem Lacrosse Boston, an inner city youth program who’s mission is to empower children that are most at risk for academic decline and dropout, when they visited Bowdoin College this fall. Even though their bus took an extra long detour on its way to campus, the kids jumped off the bus with a positive attitude and excitement for what the day might hold. Their enthusiasm carried over into the dining hall where nearly all the kids fell in love with the ice cream machine. Then, we gave them a tour of campus and finished the day in the field house playing lacrosse. Throughout the entire day, it was evident that these kids want to be successful not only in the great sport of lacrosse, but in the classroom and in life as well. The energy they brought on the cool fall morning brightened up campus and inspired the Bowdoin lacrosse players who volunteered their time. It was an honor to spend time and work with such an amazing group of young individuals.

The reason for my application as the Assistant Program Director Intern for Harlem Lacrosse Boston is that I noticed during their visit to Bowdoin that even though these students come from a different background than I, we possess many of these same qualities. Having attained success in school and in lacrosse, I believe that I can help make a difference in several areas of their life. For the classroom, I learned the importance of hard work, time management, and study skills at Phillips Exeter Academy, a rigorous and prestigious prep school. I will help teach these young men the importance of education and how to be successful students. In athletics, my passion for lacrosse was developed at their age gaining experience from participating in a variety of camps, tournaments, and showcases to play and to continuously improve. My hard work and dedication paid off, as I was fortunate to be named a three time US Lacrosse All-American in high school. I want to share my passion for lacrosse with these kids and teach them the necessary skills to be successful lacrosse players. In life, I’ve been surrounded be great coaches and academic advisors that have shaped me and pushed me to be the best person that I can be. I’m forever grateful for those individuals and I want to give back to a community that needs it most.

My passion to work with kids stems from both of my parents who work in the education field. At Bowdoin College, I’m a prospective Education major. Upon graduation, I want to be a teacher as well as a lacrosse coach to continue my passion to teach and coach the youth. I’ve had the opportunity to coach youth players at various lacrosse camps and clinics, which I’ve enjoyed greatly. I strongly believe that I can be a positive influence for the kids of Harlem Lacrosse Boston through my mentorship in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in life.

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  • Date October 16, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Education, First Year, Preston, Social Service, USA

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