Harrison Carmichael.

Supportive Living Inc. - Lexington, MA

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

“As a neuroscience major, pre-med student, and former football player here at Bowdoin who has seen first-hand the impact of even mild brain injury,” an opportunity to work in a clinical setting with brain injury patients was a natural fit for Harrison’s interests. He found just such an opportunity at the Brain Injury Wellness Center at Supportive Living, Inc. (SLI), which supports research into brain injury and provides housing, wellness programs, and support for those affected by brain injuries.

Harrison primarily assisted Dr. Laura Lorenz with research investigating factors influencing patients’ participation in physical fitness programs. “I interviewed 22 people, comprising survivors of brain injury, their family members, and the staff and management who care for them.” By conducting qualitative interviews, “I developed the skills of asking insightful questions, allowing people to tell their own stories, and investigating important pieces of information,” important skills for his future career in medicine or healthcare.

Harrison faced challenges involving “logistics and scheduling, especially when working with a population that faces serious daily issues such as severe memory impairment, difficulty in planning and a busy schedule.” Harrison had to develop “patience, understanding and thoughtful planning” in order to accommodate patients’ needs. However, through “the opportunity to work one-on-one every day with survivors of moderate to severe brain injury, I discovered that I find this type of work fulfilling and very rewarding.” Harrison now seeks a career “that will allow me to interact and develop relationships with people living with disabilities, whether this be a career in medicine, clinical research, or both.”

Project Details

  • Date July 19, 2016
  • Tags 2016, Healthcare, Junior, Preston, Science, Social Service, USA

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