Hannah Broos.

Harvard University, Nock Lab - Cambridge, MA

Project Description

Annual Fund for Career Readiness Recipient

“During my senior year of high school, one of my good friends…committed suicide. Since then, I have been dedicated to learning as much as I can about mental health.” Hannah has pursued an academic understanding of mental health as a Psychology major at Bowdoin, focusing on clinical and developmental psychology. However, she desired intensive laboratory experience that Bowdoin, as a small liberal arts school, cannot always offer. She gained this experience in Dr. Matt Nock’s lab at Harvard University, assisting his research on suicidality.

Hannah’s main duties involved “coding suicidal behavior in the context of the Research Domain Criteria matrix for an overall meta-analysis on the construct of suicidality. The RDoC matrix is very new in the field of psychology, so I…gain[ed] experience working on cutting-edge…research.” She also helped design a new study and developed Internal Review Board protocol. Outside the lab, Hannah “helped manage and allocate financial resources for the entire Nock laboratory” and “performed audio transcription for graduate research on the developmental basis of emotion formation.”

Hannah’s internship often challenged her own emotional wellbeing. “The lab focused on suicidality and self-harm, so…the work with participants and their information was…intense and difficult.” However, despite these challenges, “I know that I definitely want to pursue a career in psychology research, and probably want to specialize in a clinical or developmental area.” Hannah developed ideas for her own Honors Project at Bowdoin and determined that “after my work in the lab this summer, I want to work full-time in a research lab after graduation, then pursue a Ph.D. in psychology.”

Project Details

  • Date July 19, 2016
  • Tags 2016, Annual Fund for Career Readiness, Healthcare, Junior, Science, USA

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