Grant Easterbrook.

The Council on Competitiveness - Washington, DC

Project Description

Richard B. ’62 and Sabra Ladd Government Internship Recipient

“I interned for Deborah Wince-Smith, the President of the Strategic Development department of the Council of Competitiveness.”

My three major tasks as Deborah’s intern were: creating briefing packets for Deborah’s meetings, drafting letters (like for meeting follow-up or thank you letters), and staffing meetings. Of course, there was plenty of the typical intern busywork like logistics and filing to go along with the interesting stuff. Doing research for the briefing packets has helped me increase my knowledge on a whole variety of subjects. It has also helped me better understand how professionals prepare for meetings. Drafting letters was also extremely valuable to me as it helped me increase my professional writing skills.

One of the questions I had going into this summer was which career path I wanted to pursue once I graduated from Bowdoin. I was undecided on whether or not I wanted to go into business or government. I knew an Internship at the Council (which works with both the private sector and the federal government) would help me decide. After reflecting on this past summer I have realized that I would be equally happy with either career and both interest me.

By far the most worthwhile part of this internship was getting to sit in on all these high-level meetings. By observing these meetings I have gained an understanding of how these leaders conduct themselves, communicate, and negotiate. Each of these meetings has been a unique experience and has helped me prepare for my career.

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  • Date September 1, 2009
  • Tags 2009, Government, Ladd, USA

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