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Nikuradse-Matthews Summer Public Interest Fellowship Recipient

“It was really nice for me to earn the trust of the people so that they could talk to me about their troubles and it would then be easier for me to talk to them and assist them in any way that I could.”

During my summer internship, I saw first hand the relationship between poverty and the spread of HIV/AIDS. I was very happy that during 9 weeks in the slums, I was able to accomplish some of my tasks while working with HIV/AIDS infected persons. I took food to some persons who were bedridden and had no means of getting food. I assisted in transporting and visiting a few persons to the hospital who did not have relatives to help them, or called a doctor to visit the sick persons in their homes. I also assisted in providing medicine to fight opportunistic diseases such as tuberculosis. I found houses for patients who had been thrown out of their own homes and were having difficulties finding places to live. Children who lost their parents or who have very weak parents often experience a lot of suffering. I am happy I was able to place some of these children into children’s homes.

Both the accomplishments and the challenges I experienced during my summer internship have contributed to my educational career as well as to my career plans.  I am really interested in going into the public field and this internship opened my eyes to the possibilities of a field that really needs policies that address key issues to improve the lives of people. After seeing first hand the suffering of the people in the slums, I know that I will be looking for a career that enables me to fight for the betterment of the lives of people.

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  • Date September 1, 2012
  • Tags 2012, Africa, Education, Healthcare, Nikuradse-Matthews, Social Service

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