Ezra Rice.

Office of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse - Washington, DC

Project Description

Richard B. ’62 and Sabra Ladd Government Internship Fund Recipient

I spent many evenings last year watching debates as if they were the Super Bowl. My friends went out, watched movies, did homework and I sat up in my bed streaming the real action. I do not refer to the widely watched Clinton-Trump debates, but to the twelve Republican and nine Democratic primary debates. Enamored with current events and political discussions, this year I want to get closer to the action. I see an internship with Senator Whitehouse as both an opportunity and an obligation. Many of the policies, rhetoric and tone set by the current executive administration distress and worry me. In order to explore the world of politics, serve my country and Rhode Island, expand my thought, experiences and contacts, and facilitate future career opportunities I hope to receive grant funding to pursue an unpaid internship in Senator Whitehouse’s DC office.

Having just declared my Majors, History and Government and Legal Studies, I am seriously pondering what post-college path is right for me. Since middle school elections, politics, community and public service have fascinated me. Before I consider any career alternatives I know I must investigate the opportunities, drawbacks, disappointments, thrills and realities of government work. I have dreamed of being a Senator or Governor. My incessant interest in the news indicates policy research, negotiating, and advising would also stimulate and intrigue me. An internship with my Senator is the obvious first step; whether I pursue politics or develop alternate interests, this opportunity will heavily influence and guide my decisions.

This internship will facilitate career planning; contributing knowledge of Senate processes, the culture of Washington DC and the business of national politics more generally. I hope to learn the difference staffers make and how rewarding that line of work can be. I will compare the prestige, public spotlight, and constraint of elected office to the accessibility, freedom and privacy of staffing. This internship will both confirm whether politics is right for me and what subfield of politics I best fit.

I chose this internship because I believe it is the next necessary step on my career path. I further believe the time has never been more important for involvement in national politics, particularly by young students such as myself. Real life experiences, relationships, and engagement with opposing viewpoints are the only way to advance beyond partisan paralysis, negativity, and anger.

Project Details

  • Date October 16, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Government, Ladd, Sophomore, USA

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