Emma Torres.

Project Description


As a junior at Bowdoin College, I am applying for a Bowdoin Career Planning Funded Internship Grant to spend this summer working at Maine Medical Center’s Neuroscience Institute, where I intend to further advance the telemedicine program I helped launch last summer. The Daniel Hanley Center for Health Leadership internship allowed me to engage in purposeful work and collaborate alongside innovative and inspiring individuals (two of whom are Bowdoin alumni!) at MMC. My efforts compiling, analyzing, and synthesizing my professional interviews and literature research culminated in a TeleNeurology project proposal – an SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation). With my SBAR, the hospital concluded that the implementation of such a program is necessary to meet patients’ need for efficient and high-quality medical care, particularly for those living in rural Maine with limited access to neurological care. The department is currently implementing the SBAR accordingly. Because I am incredibly passionate about the mission of the TeleNeurology program, I am eager to return back to MMC to further strengthen its foundation.

This summer, while continuing with the TeleNeurology project, I anticipate a shift in my internship responsibilities; my duties will be centered on my strong interest in analytics. I will be working closely with numbers, analyzing datasets to deliver insights on the starting success of the program. Measures include but are not limited to: patient and provider satisfaction with the technology, whether an increase or decrease in missed appointments is observed among users, and if more lab tests have been conducted at the remote sites. A Bowdoin Career Planning Funded Internship Grant would give me the opportunity to continue my TeleNeurology work while simultaneously allowing me to bridge my love for healthcare with my enthusiasm for analytics.

Project Details

  • Date December 5, 2018
  • Tags 2018, Healthcare, Science
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