Emily Ruby.

Democratic National Committee - Washington, DC

Project Description

Peter Buck Internship Fund Recipient

In the fall of 2012, my grandfather brought me down to West Palm Beach Fla. to work on the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama. That week of intensive get-out-the-vote campaigning, of door-to-door canvassing and poll drives, was incredibly formative and inspiring. Working on that campaign in 2012 has driven me to be consistently involved with progressive issues ever since, and inspired me to apply for an internship with the Democratic National Committee this summer. I am incredibly excited for this opportunity to continue working in national electoral politics and direct action organizing as an intern with the Research Department at the Democratic National Committee.

As an intern in the Research Department, I will primarily be conducting oppositional research on Republicans in Congress and in the Trump Administration. This will entail attending political events in the D.C. area, following Congressional voting records, and monitoring media outlets and social media for key political players. Through the lunch-and-learn program for DNC interns, I will have the opportunity to network with and learn from DNC staff members. Further, as a volunteer for Democratic events throughout D.C., I will be able to meet politicians who I have long admired, such as Representative Nancy Pelosi, who has long been a role model of mine as the first female Speaker of the House.

Throughout my time at Bowdoin, I have worked on and off campus for progressive issues that lie at the core of the Democratic platform, particularly as an advocate of responsible climate policy and greater LGBT equality. As a student organizer for Maine Student Action this past September, October and November, I ran voter registration drives and campaigned for Hillary Clinton on campus and in Maine’s second district. Balancing schoolwork and activism has been challenging, requiring great time commitment, flexibility and energy. However, the friendships I have built with student organizers have been the strongest and most formative relationships I have established in college. I am excited to create similarly rewarding friendships this summer with other DNC interns.

Recently, however, I have wanted to expand beyond student organizing, especially as I follow current political developments in D.C. and across the country. This internship, designed to jumpstart interns in the field of campaign politics, provides an amazing opportunity to do just that. Further, as I hope to work on the 2020 presidential election and pursue a career in electoral politics, this internship will help me to gain the necessary experience and connections that I will need following graduation.

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  • Date October 16, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Buck, Government, Sophomore, USA

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