Ella Driscoll.

Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust - Brunswick, ME

Project Description

Strong/Gault Social Advancement Internship Grant Recipient

“It has been exceptionally humbling to be surrounded by such driven, brilliant, and dedicated individuals working to strengthen our food system. A truly exciting piece of my summer was feeling as though I was an instrumental voice at these meetings and that what I had to bring to the table was valuable and necessary.”

Having worked in the non-profit sector this summer, I am ever so curious about taking this grassroots level development and research and applying it to the corporate sector in the future. I see that so much change can be had from, rather than attempting to slowly work to change policy, redirecting attention to the areas on our communities that need it most. The Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust and the Kennebec Estuary Land Trust have been spearheading the development of a food council that can work to reduce inefficiencies and emphasize the importance that local food has on the health, economy, environment, and social vitality of our region. In addition to helping build the foundations of this food council’s process, my assessment and case study, will be used as a baseline for the council, providing an understanding of the state of our regional food system.


Project Details

  • Date September 17, 2015
  • Tags 2015, Environment, Junior, Social Service, Strong/Gault, USA
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