Eliza Warren-Shriner.

Pure Water for the World - Haiti

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

I spent this summer working at Pure Water for the World in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. My primary tasks included designing and conducting a study to examine the acceptability and efficacy of the hygiene education and filters that are part of the organization’s program and managing the organization’s database (which contains information about the sites at which filters are located). I overall am very pleased with my experience, and I learned some valuable lessons and skills during my internship with Pure Water.

My main accomplishment this summer was the completion of the study on Pure Water’s programs here. This involved visiting over 250 of the organization’s 2000 sites in Haiti, conducting interviews and observations at each site. I had five Haitian employees who conducted the actual interviews, and most days accompanied by a site coordinator to help locate the sites. Upon returning to the United States, I completed reported my findings in a document that will be used by the organization to evaluate their progress and make changes to the program moving forward. This was not only the most enjoyable part of my internship but also the most valuable—it enabled me to see first hand what was going on in the Port-au-Prince area and allowed me to get a good idea of how well the organization’s program was working.

I was also able to get a better look at real poverty first hand—the conditions people live in, the resources available to schools, and the effects of the January 2010 earthquake on these conditions. The organizations initiatives were directly affected by this, as many of the filters were cracked or in disrepair as a result of the earthquake. This portion of the internship was also a great learning experience in terms of understanding the challenges of working in a third world country.

Project Details

  • Date September 1, 2011
  • Tags 2011, Central America, Environment, Preston, Social Service

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