Eliana Albright.

Project Description

Psychology Research: Colby College

Heart pounding and fingers sweating, I remember racing over to the tree where the little girl was sprawled onto the ground. She had fallen from the low branch and was now motionless and quiet. My first thought was, Oh dear god, this girl is hurt, concussed, who knows… and my second thought was, I am definitely getting fired. Yet, seconds before I reached her, the girl sprung up and climbed the tree once more. This moment happened during my psychology internship at the Bowdoin Children’s Center and it solidified my budding passion for the field. I have since become insatiably curious as to how minds function, specifically the minds of children. What had made that girl so fearless? Although it was a fairly minor event, it suggested to me that her concepts of life and death were unique to children. She had shown no fear of injury; her interest outweighed her safety, and that captivated me. If I am given the opportunity to work with Professor Martha Arterberry with the Colby College Psychology department this summer, I will have the chance to explore these abstract ideas that so deeply intrigue me.

After spending a semester at the Center, I knew I wanted to continue working in psychology, so I sought out the department chair at Colby to ask for an internship. I knew that if I independently pursued an internship with no concrete description it would be challenging, but more rewarding. This particular position was discussed and negotiated between Professor Arterberry and I, which means that it will highlight my strengths, but also put me in new, uncomfortable situations. This will be an opportunity for me to foster my abilities and grow as a person and student. By working directly with children, I will be able to develop skills I learned in the Children’s Center, such as resolving conflict, observing patterns, and applying existing concepts. By working in the lab setting, I will acquire new skills relevant to my education and a possible future career, such as learning to work with new people, design studies, and connect my previous experience to new ideas. This opportunity will give me the chance to dip my toes into the world of psychological research. Through this experience, I will not only gain skills applicable to any career in psychology I strive for, I will also gain the self­awareness to know if research is a path I can dedicate my life to. I want to work toward a career I am passionate about, and I simply cannot know if I belong in research until I have the experience to show me the way.

Project Details

  • Date December 5, 2018
  • Tags 2018, Education, Healthcare, Science
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