Edward Korando.

Project Description


When I received the internship offer from Considdr, I wanted to take it immediately. I had researched the types of experiences that companies – both large and small – offer their interns. While larger corporations can typically offer interns access to more resources, often the projects interns are assigned add no real value to the firm. Considdr offered me an internship in which my work will not only contribute to the firm’s current practices, but it will help shape the way Considdr grows in the coming years. In addition to working on meaningful projects, Considdr offers me the environment in which I work best: a collaborative setting where one is encouraged to ask questions, think critically, and pursue avenues that can lead to potential solutions. More important than the appeal of the technical facets of the summer internship is my strong belief in Considdr and its mission; Considdr provides a new way for individuals of differing opinion to talk with one another while sourcing their arguments with data and credible articles/books/etc. All of this considered, it would have been foolish of me to choose any other internship for the summer.

With a long-term goal to pursue a career in consulting, I am intent on finding work experiences that will hone my critical thinking skills. Consultants need to tackle complex problems and provide their clients with solutions that are clear and concise. In my internship with Considdr, I will essentially be working as an internal consultant, or analyst. Most of my projects will focus on improving the user experience – a great way to further my critical thinking and problem solving skills. Ultimately, this internship will provide me with experiences that are essential for the consulting internships I will be applying to in Fall 2018.

Project Details

  • Date December 5, 2018
  • Tags 2018, Technology
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