Diamond Walker.

Children's Defense Fund - New York, NY

Project Description

Nikuradse-Matthews Summer Public Interest Fellowship Recipient

“Growing up I always asked myself why the government can’t just change laws that are blatantly unfair. From my time at CDF I was able to understand that it’s a very long process due to the hearings, testimonies, and edits the law needs to go through.”

An African-American male told his story at a testimony hearing about the use of solitary confinement, specifically with juveniles. Him and many other doctors, lawyers, mentors, and advocacy workers told an advisory panel why solitary confinement was dangerous for the development of juveniles and caused more harm than good. Hearing this story was disgusting. It was even more horrifying that his story was just one of thousands. A place that I called home treated its citizens like animals. And not just any citizens: the African-American and Latino ones, but more so the African-American ones.

Going to testimonies were just one aspect of my internship with the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) as a juvenile and educational justice intern. I read and briefed numerous articles, entered and analyzed important data, created an interactive online map, and worked at the intersection between educational and juvenile justice by overseeing communication between CDF and their Freedom Schools.

Project Details

  • Date November 20, 2014
  • Tags 2014, First Year, Government, Nikuradse-Matthews, Social Service, USA
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