David Peck.

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Newport Gulls

It was down in Florida that curiosity and luck converged, and I unwittingly discovered the internship with the Newport Gulls. At the time, I was traveling as the scorekeeper for the Bowdoin Baseball team on their 2016 Spring Training trip. I walked around the complex trying to keep busy while my former teammates warmed up. I saw them playing “two-ball” in the bullpen, taking batting practice in the cage, and joking around in the dugout. It was difficult to be around my former team as they readied for the game.

As I walked to try get away from it all, I saw two men sitting behind the backstop with headsets on preparing for what I assumed to be their broadcast. Intrigued, I went over and introduced myself, and told them about my interests and my situation. Graciously, they urged me to call an inning of the game, so I did. As someone who had played and watched baseball for so long it was easy for me to provide sound commentary during the broadcast. My personable style caught the broadcaster’s attention, and right then and there he offered me a media position with the Gulls. But I already had a job lined up for the summer, one that would not give me anything close to the experience I could get in Newport. To both our disappointment, I respectfully declined. In 2017 I reconnected with Matt Finlayson and began my first summer as a member of the Newport Gulls media team.

Now entering my second summer in Newport, I come into this year as the lead play-by-play broadcaster, responsible for calling games, conducting interviews, writing articles, and managing the rest of the media team. It is a position that requires that I live in Newport as the Gulls play up to six games a week in all corners of New England. To receive this grant would enable me to pay rent for the summer and allow me to fully take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity that I initially discovered down in Florida three years ago. Sports broadcasting is my ultimate goal, but continuing Newport’s high level of achievement is my current focus.

Project Details

  • Date December 5, 2018
  • Tags 2018, Communications
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