Claire Phillips.

Consortium for Energy Efficiency - Boston, MA

Project Description

Robert S. Goodfriend Summer Internship Fund Recipient

My passion is protecting the environment and understanding and influencing policies that affect environmental protection. Driving effective change energizes me at school and in my personal life and motivates my career goals. My focus on environmental policy and clean energy regulation is rooted in my commitment to learn more and to become a better advocate. I am taking courses about global environmental issues and policies and working to develop the analytical skills needed to address them. In particular, the financial and psychological incentives that can be used to encourage clean and efficient energy consumption interest me.

Given these goals, working at the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) would be a great opportunity for me. CEE is a nonprofit organization that works to systematically improve efficiency in energy markets, which is ultimately beneficial to the environment. As a Behavior Intern at CEE, I would gain perspective and experience to better understand government regulations and business practices that are used to encourage consumers to use energy more efficiently.

CEE works with utility companies and other organizations to evaluate energy efficiency programs throughout the US and Canada. The organization disseminates these evaluations to its members and advises them on developing and implementing successful strategies to improve energy efficiency. CEE’s many members – which include public utilities and large oil companies – are primarily motivated by government regulations to encourage consumers to use energy efficiently. Over the past 20 years, CEE’s work has brought greater efficiency in energy-intensive home appliances, lighting and heating tools, and electronics. CEE serves as an example of productive efficiency advocacy, and has succeeded in making changes that reduce both short term and long term energy use.

If I receive this grant, I will synthesize information and write case studies about the effectiveness of various programs implemented by CEE members. Such work would allow me to develop a better understanding of how to conduct research and write reports for a business audience about environmental and energy issues. My analysis should help me more fully understand the complexities of environmental reform in practice in the nonprofit and governmental sectors. In addition, I would contribute information to a catalog of regulations in different jurisdictions about the legal constraints on using behavior incentives to encourage energy efficiency. Understanding how existing policies impact business models, consumer behavior and resulting environmental reform is essential for improving those policies.

Project Details

  • Date September 22, 2017
  • Tags 2017, Environment, Goodfriend, Government, Sophomore, USA

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