Christopher Hernandez-Turcios.

New Sector Alliance - Minneapolis, MN

Project Description

Preston Public Interest Career Fund Recipient

“As a child, I saw my parents once or twice a week because they worked several jobs; despite this, they barely earned enough to provide for my siblings and me.” Without any family members or close friends in professional fields, “I never knew whether I wanted to work in the public or private sector, whether I wanted to be a lawyer or banker, or whether I wanted to return to help the neighborhood in which I grew up.” Thanks to the Preston Fund, a community-focused career in law has become a real possibility. Chris took an internship at Gender Justice, “a nonprofit law firm focused on eliminating barriers as they relate to gender inequalities including sexual assault, pregnancy discrimination, and transgender inequities.”

“For the first three weeks I worked solely on the nonprofit side of the firm and learned about fundraising, but I transitioned to the legal side of the firm upon realizing my interest in the work. Over the next two months, I worked on 4-5 legal cases, wherein I produced several legal documents under the guidance of the absolutely phenomenal lawyers at Gender Justice.” Chris also translated intake meetings with Spanish-speaking clients, wrote summaries of legal research, and prepared deposition outlines and statements.

Although working with clients facing sexual assault and other gendered discrimination was often emotionally exhausting, “thinking about the future I know Gender Justice will help create allowed me to stay strong throughout the summer.” Chris’s time at Gender Justice “has solidified my interest in becoming a public interest lawyer working with disadvantaged and underprivileged groups.”

Project Details

  • Date July 19, 2016
  • Tags 2016, Preston, Social Service, Sophomore, USA

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